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elections The Borough of Keansburg was established as a municipality in 1917. 

The Borough of Keansburg operates under the Optional Municipal Charter Law, which provides for elections to be held every two years on the second Tuesday of May. Our current form of government, which was ratified by the residents on March 5, 1974, took effect on July 1, 1974 thereby resulting elections to be held in the even years.  Our next Municipal Election shall be held on May 5, 2020.

The Borough of Keansburg Council and Other Current Elected Representatives

Mayor George Hoff – re-elected 2016, fourth term

Deputy Mayor Thomas Foley – re-elected 2016, second term

Councilman James Cocuzza – re-elected 2018, forth term

Councilman Sean Tonne – elected 2016, first term

Councilwoman Judy Ferraro – elected 2018, first term

U. S. Senator Cory Booker

U. S. Senator Robert Menendez

Representative Frank Pallone – Sixth Congressional District

NJ State Senator Declan O’Scanlon

NJ Assemblywoman Amy Handlin

NJ Assemblyman Serena DiMaso

Freeholder Director Thomas Arnone

Deputy Director Lillian Burry

Freeholder John Curley

Freeholder Patrick Inpreveduto

Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger