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NOTICE: Mosquito Spraying-August 10, 2018-4am to 6am

Dear Keansburg Residents, 

Due to evidence of West Nile virus, the Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division will be conducting adult mosquito control operations in the following location(s) 
on Friday, August 10th from 4:00 AM through 6:00 AM:
NORTH OF Church Street and Port Monmouth Road
EAST to Hazlet Border
West to Middletown Border
Applications will be made from a truck-mounted, ultra-low volume aerosol generator using the product Zenivex E4 RTU.  Fact sheet and label also attached .
Treatment is weather permitting.
Pay attention to notices about spraying found through newspapers, websites, automated telephone messages or distributed by municipal, county or state agencies.
• Plan your activities to limit time spent outside during times of possible pesticide treatments.
• Move your pets, their food, and water dishes inside during ULV application. Also bring clothing and children’s toys inside.
• Stay away from application equipment, whether in use or not.
• Whenever possible, remain indoors with windows closed and with window air conditioners on non-vent (closed to the outside air) and window fans turned off during spraying.
• Avoid direct contact with surfaces that are still wet from pesticide spraying. Do not allow children to play in areas that have been sprayed until they have completely dried (approximately one hour).
• If you must remain outdoors, avoid eye and skin contact with the spray.  If you get spray in your eyes or on your skin, immediately flush and rinse with water

Mosq Control Info and Fact Sheet

Zenivex E4 RTU label 2014  (Chemical Treatment Info)