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NOTICE TO BIDDERS – Lease of Borough Beach Property

Notice to Bidders – Beachway Proposal Request

Required Bid Documents Beachfront Property Lease 3.15.22




PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that sealed bids will be received by the Borough Clerk for the Borough of Keansburg, County of Monmouth, State of New Jersey on March 15, 2022, at 11 a.m., prevailing time at the Keansburg Borough Hall located at 29 Church Street, Keansburg, New Jersey, Monmouth County, New Jersey, at which time and place bids will be opened and read in public for:


The seasonal lease of real property for seasonal recreational activities including weekend activities from June 23, 2022, to September 5, 2022. The property is located at Beachway and Main Street (Block 184, Lot 5). The specific area of the premises shall be mutually agreed upon by Borough and successful bidder(s) after bid award.


  1. The term of the initial lease is set forth above. If the parties both agree the lease can be renewed for the second year. The bid should include the amount being offered for each season.
  2. The bidder shall be licensed to sell alcohol n the State of NJ
  3. The bidder shall be an existing business within the Borough of Keansburg.
  4. There is to be a different activity every weekend for the public. Holiday weekends including Mondays are to be covered. All individual events are to be approved by the Borough.
  5. All paperwork and permits for alcohol consumption are to be between the Bidder and NJ ABC.
  6. The Minimum bid for each season is $10,000. The first year is to be paid at the time the bid is awarded.
  7. Bidder shall submit a $2,000,000 umbrella insurance policy covering bodily injury and property damage and name the Borough of Keansburg as an additional insured and provide a hold harmless letter to the Borough.
  8. A seasonal lease shall be entered into by the successful bidder with the Borough. Additional terms for that agreement are available for any prospective bidder in the office of the Borough Manager.


Bids must be enclosed in a sealed opaque envelope bearing the name and address of the bidder and clearly marked “Beachway recreation seasonal lease”.

All bids must be accompanied by cash or certified check or bid bond, in the amount of ten (10%) percent of the amount bid for the initial one (1) year term.  If the successful bidder does not execute a contract with the Borough within twenty (20) days following notice from the Borough that the contract is ready for execution, the bidder’s deposit may be forfeited. All bids shall be referred to the Mayor and Council for review and final approval.  Acceptance or rejection of the bid shall be made by not later than the next regularly scheduled meeting of the governing body following the completion of the bidding process and, if the Borough Council shall not so accept such highest bid or reject all bids, said bids shall be deemed to have been rejected.


Said seasonal lease rights may be sold to the highest bidders in accordance with the provisions of NJSA 40A:12-14 and -24, with the reservation of the right to reject any or all bids, and /or to waive ant informality which is not determined to be in the best interest of the BOROUGH OF KEANSBURG, all in the sole discretion of the BOROUGH OF KEANSBURG.


The successful Bidder shall be required to comply with the current requirements of P.L. 1975, c. 127 (Affirmative Action) and P.L.1977, c.33 (Disclosure of Ownership). Each Bidder must also submit a Non-Collusion Affidavit with the submitted Bid Documents.


All prospective bidders shall be given access to the property to conduct necessary feasibility of meeting the goals of the Bid. Such access will be permitted only after written request from prospective bidder and acceptance by the Borough about time, place, and oversight.


The official bid form is available on the Borough website at



Of the Borough of Keansburg

Thomas Cusick, Municipal Clerk


Additional conditions of the Bids for the seasonal lease for the purpose of conducting recreational activities on a portion of the property own on Beachway and the waterfront by the Borough of Keansburg


  1. Successful Bidder shall be permitted to utilize a food court (vehicle) and refreshment vehicle.
  2. Access to the property shall be permitted two (2) weeks prior to the start day for the purpose of setting up for the season.
  3. The Borough is NOT seeking a portable grill with a keg and tap backyard setup. This opportunity is being granted to attract more visitors to Keansburg. Bidder must provide a professional appropriate, aesthetically, pleasing setup approved by the Borough Manager for serving beverages and food.
  4. The rear of the house operations must be screened from the public view.
  5. Successful Bidder is to provide security at peak times of service as per the direction of the Borough’s Chief of Police.
  6. Successful bidder is to use ID scanners to check IDs and assure that no minors are served.
  7. Successful Bidder shall be responsible to monitor approved areas via cameras and alarm system connecting to a central monitoring system.
  8. Successful Bidder to meet all local Code and Board of Health requirements.
  9. Successful Bidder to keep the leased premises clean daily.
  10. 10.All garbage/recyclables will be removed and nightly placed in agreed upon Borough designated area.
  11. Fencing must be used to camouflage the area from the public view.
  12. Successful Bidder may place signage in mutually agreed upon locations as per the Borough Manager.
  13. Successful Bidder will be granted vehicle beach access to facilitate daily operations.
  14. Successful Bidder must fully execute contract containing all the requirements here and in the Notice to Bidders. Within 2 weeks from receipt of contract. Failure to do so will result in the bidder forfeited the season as well as all future catering permits in the Borough. Forfeiture will also result in a $1000 penalty