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Flood/Stormwater Info

Flood/Stormwater Info – Quick Link Keansburg Flood Info Center

Topics of information available to the public include: Know your flood hazard; Insure your property for your flood hazard; Protect people and property from the hazard (storm preparedness); Build responsibly; After the storm; and Protect natural floodplain functions.

Besides the links to websites and documents that are found below, handouts and other reference materials addressing and promoting these topics/messages are available in the Code and Construction Office located in Borough Hall, 29 Church Street, Keansburg, NJ. Additionally, the Keansburg Public Library located on Shore Boulevard in Keansburg has a comprehensive reference section dedicated to flooding and related information.

Need specific information on how to protect your home from flooding? What flood zone is your property in? What is the Base Flood Elevation for your house? Or would you like historical flooding information for the property’s location? Please contact the Construction Code Office at 732-787-0215 Ext. 220 to obtain information about a property. Homeowners may also call to schedule an appointment for a site visit to assess your home and property. When applicable, measures will be recommended to prevent/minimize the impact of flooding to your home and contents.

Informational Links:

Coastal Construction Fact Sheet
Information concerning building in a coastal area

Disaster Info for College Students
Disaster information and resources for College Students

The Do’s, Don’ts, and Unknowns about Keansburg Development 6.2020

Elevation Certificate LIST

Link to the FEMA and Department of Homeland Security Official Website


FEMA: Repairing your flooded home
Informational brochure from FEMA

Flood Information

Flood Inundation
Copy of Hurricane Sandy Flood Inundation Map

2015 Keansburg Floodplain Management Plan_9.28_15_FINAL

Flood Smart
The OFFICIAL website of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Focus on Floods
An organization which is dedicated to addressing the fundamental conflict between economic development and conservation of the environment

Hazard Mitigation Program

How high should my house be? This link as an address look up tool to help give estimated base flood elevations. (PLEASE ALWAYS CONSULT WITH THE FLOODPLAIN MANAGER BEFORE ENGAGING IN ANY PROJECT)

Hurricane Sandy Letter

Keansburg’s Creek Tide GAGE info
High water mark for Waackaack Creek. Note reference purposes: Sandy tides reached a high of 5.8 feet October 29/November 1 2012.

Keansburg Newsletter_WEB 7.2016
July 2016 Resident Newsletter-Flood Info, Recycling and More!

Keansburg Stormwater Mains and Outfalls Mapping
Outfall Pipe Maps
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Website

NJ Office of Emergency Management
The Federal Government’s emergency preparedness website

Red Cross: Repairing Your Flooded Home Booklet
Informational guide if you experience flooding

Reducing Flood Risks 8.2016
Informational guide to reducing your flood risk

Repetitive Loss Funding Sources
Information for homeowners who experience repetitive loss due to flooding.

Sheriff’s Office Update (March 2014)
Sheriff’s Office Newsletter

Municipal Stormwater Management Plan_Nov 2006

Report a Streetlight Outage 

Residents concerned about a streetlight outage can report the outage by visiting the Jersey Central Power & Light their website at:

JCPL – Streetlight Outage

Stormwater Master Plan

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 2013

2020 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Report

Stormwater Management Revision Chapter 27 March 2021

Tree Limbs and Electrical Lines

Residents concerned about overhead electrical lines and trees on their property can report tree problems to Jersey Central Power & Light by visiting their website at:

JCPL – Report a Tree Problem
Federal Government weather safety website